Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers about our Software

What is FireHouse 24/7?

FireHouse 24/7 is a web-based scheduling application built specifically for fire departments. The application consists of several modules including scheduling, overtime, callbacks, details, etc. The system is highly configurable, allowing for your unique management requirements and union rules.

How much does it cost?

For small or volunteer departments using only the callback or general recall modules, there is a small annual fee of $247 to cover messaging and web hosting costs. Medium size departments (40 members) using all the system modules can expect to pay approximately $150 per month. Larger departments will be billed according to their size.

How easy is it to use?

FireHouse 24/7 was created with ease of use in mind. It has been described by many users as intuitive. The product was designed by firefighters to address the specific needs of fire departments.

What training is required for firefighters, dispatchers and administrators?

As with most new technologies there will be a learning curve. However, given that many people are comfortable using web-based software (e.g. social media, Google docs and online calendars), the initial training period is relatively short. As few as one or two brief training sessions is usually all that is required.

How much does the training cost?

All setup costs including training are rolled into the monthly service fee. There is no initial cost.

How many users can I have?

Every member of your fire department, including admin staff and management, will have access to the Firehouse 247 system. There is no limit to the number of users.

How do I get access for my users?

During initial setup, FireHouse 24/7 will provide all users a logon name and password to access the system. Users can access the system from any device that has internet access and a web browser.

How do I learn more about FireHouse 24/7?

Visit to watch the short tutorial videos or to request your free trial.

To learn more, request a demonstration or set up your free trial, email